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Veterans Administration

Description Wendling Sheet Metal has a special place in our hearts for the Veterans Administration as we employ many veterans. This VA project was very complex in saying we completed many facets including: composite panel system, Standing seam roofing, metal sidings, and architectural arts on new and existing structures. As we enjoy all the challenges,

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The Bay City Planetarium has been around for approximately 25 years and was in need of some repairs. And we were happy to take on the challenges. We detailed and replaced composite panels, hand washed and completely resealed the entire complex.

Bay City Power

The previous contractor had bitten off a little more than they could chew so Wendling Sheet Metal was asked to step in and rectify the issues they were facing and finish the project. Reworking what was already installed andpushing forward to finish the lagging on multiple Bay City Power Sites the projects were completed to

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